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Motion Graphics

My name is Yucel Yilmaz. I am a Motion Designer, focusing on Motion Graphics, 3D Animation and Videography. I have been working for Stock Video Industry since January 2007.

My creative footages purchased by prestigious multinational companies & brands from all over the world such as:

  • Columbia Pictures
  • MTV Networks
  • The Sky Network
  • CNN International
  • ABC News
  • CNBC-E & E2 Channels
  • ITV Network
  • Lightborne Design
  • PI Global
  • OgilvyOne Honk Kong

  • BBDO New York
  • Stardust
  • TMP Worldwide
  • Microsoft
  • Pepsi International
  • Taco Bell
  • Revolution Health
  • Arcade Creative Group
  • Metan Development
  • Gelia Wells & Mohr

  • Viacom Media
  • The Weather Channel
  • NBC Artworks
  • HTC Corp
  • AOL - Photo
  • NBC Learning
  • Al Jazeera
  • Pro Sieben
  • AppU2

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    What I Do?

    Motion Graphics

    Motion graphics is all about compositions, layers, keyframes and animations.

    Creating visually appealing animations with clear storytelling both for my clients and stock video industry is my motto.

    3D Modelling

    3D Modelling is a "must" for every Motion Designer to create better animations.

    I offer both hard surface and organic modelling such as humans, humanoids or animals with animatable skeleton rig.

    3D Animation

    I offer both 3d character, humanoid or animal animations with integrated rigs.

    Animating hard surface objects such as rotating gears, moving planes or anything you can imagine is also possible!


    Most of the time, motion graphics needs a footage shot by a professional camera.

    I use professional equipment such as 4K Raw Cameras and lighting setup. I own a professional green screen studio.

    "Creating visually appealing motion graphics
    with clear storytelling is my motto!"

    Yucel Yilmaz

    "Please include a brief explanation for new project."

    "Telling a story is a must
    for motion design"

    Yucel Yilmaz


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    • An artist showreel comprising of selected latest motion graphics
      and 3d animation works.


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